China Railway Corporation visited the U.S.中国铁路总公司“铁水联运最新发展“培训顺利完成

铁路总公司“铁水联运最新发展“培训顺利完成 In November, invited by U.S.-China Exchange Council, the delegation from China Railway Corporation arrived in the U.S. to learn about the latest development in maritime-rail inter-modal transportation. Arranged by USCEC, the delegation visited major inter-modal ports in San Francisco Bay Area and New Jersey, corporate partners, state freight transportation agencies, and research institutes. These meetings have deepened the understandings between major players in inter-modal transpiration in the two counties, paving the way for future dialogue and partnership. 2016 年11月,中国铁路总公司一行24位 代表, 应美国美中交流协会的邀请,来到美国旧金山湾区和纽约大都会地区进行了为期三周的培训参访。 在美国美中交流协会的精心安排下, 代表团访问了湾区与纽约的著名集装箱联运码头,州

China Ministry of Transportation “Port Pollution Prevention Technology and Practice” Training Progra

In November, invited by U.S.-China Exchange Council, the delegation organized by Ministry of Transport consisting of 15 delegates from MoT and Chinese local port authorities visited the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles for a two-week training to learn about pollution prevention and best practices in treating and managing pollution emergencies. With lectures and seminars with top experts in the area, the delegation learnt a lot and got very useful information to apply back in China. 为学习美国港口防污染的先进技术和管理经验,进一步完善中国港口污染防治政策法规标准体系,推进中国港口环境保护和绿色发展, 中国交通运输部水运局委托美中交流协会协办赴美国培训项目。根据中方的需要,美中交流协会协调美国各专业对口机构和学术研究单位精心设计了培训课程和现场调研活动,并出具访美邀请信,协助培训团办好签证,使全团按预定计划应美中交流协会的邀请于2016年11月赴美国进行了为期14天的港口防污染技术与实务培训

SinoMach “Smart Manufacturing and Scientific and Technological Innovation" Training Program

中国机械工业集团有限公司“智能制造与科技创新领军人才"培训顺利完成 In September, invited by U.S.-China Exchange Council, the delegation from China Machinery Corporation (a.k.a. Sinomach) had a two-week training at UC Berkeley and Stanford University to learn about the most advanced theories and technologies in manufacturing as well as innovation strategies and leadership for future manufacturing leaders. During the two-week training, they also visited top industry leaders such as GE Digital to learn about smart manufacturing and industrial internet of things to better their management and research to upgrade existing manufacturing and excel in the industry. 2016年11月美国美中交流协会成功接待安排了由中国机械工业集团有限公司培训中心组织的 2016年“智能制造与科技创新领军人才赴美国加

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