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Frequently Asked Questions:


1)   What is Z visa and how long can I stay in China on it? +What documents do I need to apply for Z visa?

Z visa is applied by foreigners who intend to work in China. You can stay for one year in China without renewal. A portfolio of your passport, resume, diploma, registration form of temporary residence in China, contract signed with your Chinese employer and their registration licenses and etc. As it is a complicated process for first-time goes to China, we will help you put everything together. But you can definitely do it yourself once get recruited, sign the contract and get everything ready. More information can be found at and please refer to the official website of US embassy in China at


2)   Can I renew my Z visa and how?

Yes, if you renew your contract with the same employer in China to teach then it will be very easy to get renewed. If you sign a new contract with a different one, then you have to apply for the visa again with all new materials mentioned above. Our experienced staff would be glad to help you go through the whole process.


3)   Can I choose my location to work and what are the options?

Yes! You are more than welcome to choose your preferred location to work before hand as we want you to make the best of the international work experience starting from China. Our partners cover almost all over China including most selected cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Xiamen, Changsha. As demands vary each year, we would like to discuss with you in details and try our best to land you a job in your dream city.


4)   What services does USCEC provide to me during my stay in China?

As we have offices both in the U.S. and China dedicated to professional communications between the two countries for over two decades, our resourceful staff will help you apply for visas, pick up you at the airport, provide most informative orientations and workshops of communications,  culture and teaching tips in China. You are more than welcome to contact us if there are any questions at 01186-10-8229-0998 or find possible answers to your questions on our website.


5)   Who can I contact in case of emergencies during my stay in China?

We have offices in China and our staff in Beijing will try their best to accommodate your need. Please feel free to call 01186-10-8229-0998 or email to


6)   What can I do if I do not like the location or school I choose after I arrive in China?

According to the contract, you will need to sign with us and the Chinese employer, you should be able to relocate and stay in China for at least one year for the employer.


7)    How do I find a place to stay in China?

Most of the schools will help you find a place close to where you teach so as to save time and energy or they have representatives to help you find information and resources to rent yourself and offer sufficient amount of rental allowances which vary according to living costs and rental prices in different cities and schools. We will make sure that everything works out perfectly for you before you start working in China.


8)   Do I need to have a car? And if yes, how can I get a Chinese driver’s license?

Most of the foreign teachers do not drive as it is more convenient to take the public transportation or just walk or bike where you teach because your accommodations will be arranged nearby so as to save your time and energy every day. International driver’s license is not valid in China so please refer to detailed information on how to apply for your Chinese driver’s license at


9)   What’s the work load like in the schools I teach?

It depends on schools and course design. Typical work load is 40 hours a week.


10) How much can I earn and what is the living cost in China?

Your salary depends on your qualifications, the location of the employer which ranges from ¥6000-16000($1000-2600/month). Average Cost of Living in China varies but typical is $300-$400 USD with free housing and $900-$1,300 USD with housing not included.


11) What are the Chinese national holidays?

There are bunches of Chinese national holidays and some of which are celebrated in a very traditional and joyful way. A list of 2016 Chinese national holidays can be found at Of course, the Spring Festival is one of the most important holidays in China and you are more than welcome to experience during your stay in China. Also, if you are employed by schools and universities other than training institutions, you can enjoy holidays up to three months.


12) Can I do side jobs? If yes, is there any papers I need to fill out or procedures I need to follow?

It depends on the contract you sign with the employer in China.


13) Can I take free Chinese lessons during my stay in China and how?

You will get multiple opportunities practicing in real-life settings when you have meals with Chinese students or colleagues or go shopping and hang out with local Chinese who are always very friendly and love to teach you Chinese for free. Of course, you could request Chinese lessons from your students for a minimal fee or ask help from your teaching schools.


14) What if I break my contract before it terminates?

Fines and consequences for breaking contract would be specified in the contract you sign with the employer.


15) Can I keep teaching in the same place when the contract expires and how can I renew it?

Yes but it depends on the employer’s demand and your relationship developed through the year and we will try our best to help if needed.


16) If I would like to teach in another school or in another city after my contract expires, what should I do and when should I prepare for it?

Yes, we will help you apply for other employers in another city and go through the whole process including contract signing and visa renewal with you.


17) What is covered by my health insurance in China? And how do I make an appointment with doctors or hospitals?

Employers will buy health insurance for you in China and you can find more details when you sign the contract. Totally different from what is in U.S., Chinese hospitals mostly do not require an appointment and you can just go to the hospital and check in under the help of the front desk.


18) Can I marry a Chinese girl or boy? And if yes, what are the formalities?

Yes as long as your partner holds a Chinese passport. Documents needed include 1) your valid passport and visa 2) a notarized Marriageability Affidavit which you need to fill in and print before you take it to the U.S. consulate to notarize to prove that you are single. Please go on to the official website of U.S. consulate in different cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenyang to make an appointment for your notary service and bring the printed Marriageability Affidavit with you. Signature is only required upon notary. Detailed information can be found at Good luck!


19) Can I further my study or find another job after I fulfil my contract?

Absolutely yes! You can apply for universities in China where many programs such as business management, design, and foreign languages enroll foreign students. As for jobs, you will have tons of opportunity to check out companies you are interested during your stay in China. We will help you and even recommend you to particular corporations or schools as we have 20 years’ of connection with our Chinese clients including top large enterprises and academic institutions.

20) How can I know more about China and its different cities and province?
Detailed information can be found online and you can check out this 10-minute video for a very general but vivid idea of what is and how is China now. Also, feel free to contact us if you would like our Chinese native staff to chat with you about their own hometowns.


21) If I am not recruited, what are my options?

With rising demand for English teachers in China, we will help you apply for different organizations till you are recruited as long as you allow us to do so.


22) What are TESOL and TEFL? Do I need to have either certificate to be recruited? And what should I do if would like to obtain the certificates?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Both are certifications you could get by taking courses or studying for degrees from a certified organization and accredited universities. Some employers do not require TESOL or TEFL as a prerequisite but it would be very helpful and competitive if you have one. More information can be found on their official website:


23) If I still have questions unanswered, where can I find more information?

You are more than welcome to contact our office in the U.S. or email us if you have any other questions. Also, more detailed information can be found on US embassy’s website specifying what is teaching in China like and what options you have.


24)  I am very interested in the professional exchanges between China and the U.S.  Can I work for your organization rather than apply for jobs in China?

Yes if we have the need and you're are qualified! Please check our website frequently and pay attention to our recruitment notice. However, we are in constant need of part-time Mandarin-English interpreters so we welcome you to join us if you speak both languages proficiently already and meet our demand!

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