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2009 Stanford University “Public Management and Regional Innovation” Training Program for China Jian

On April 7, 2009, Stanford University and the United States – China Exchange Council (USCEC) held a grand closing ceremony for Jiangyin municipal government leaders to complete the training on topic of “Public Management and Regional Innovation” at Stanford University. Stanford University leaders, professors and leaders of the USCEC attended the ceremony. Professors from Stanford University congratulated the delegates completing the training and encouraged them to apply the knowledge to bring the latest management concepts learned at Stanford University back to China to contribute to the construction of an innovative ecosystem in Jiangyin City. The class leader appreciated Stanford University and USCEC for thoughtful arranged training courses and site visits, which enabled the delegates to learn new knowledge, new concepts and new experiences in American public management and innovative economy, and mastered the remarkable characteristics of public administration at all levels of government in the U.S. , in terms of informatization, scientization, legalization, socialization, humanization, and efficiency.

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