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Zhixin School Students Enjoyed a Rewarding Summer Camp in California 执信中学2017年美国夏令营顺利闭幕

In July, 70 students and teachers from the prestigious Zhixin School in Guangzhou, China arrives in San Francisco Bay Area for a 3-week "Student Leadership Summer Camp".

The students took classes in their sister school in California, stayed in local host families, volunteered in local charity organizations, for an unique experience of summer exchange program that features friendship, innovation and leadership.

The students also visited Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley in the west coast, Harvard University and Yale University in the east coast to see for themselves the world-class academic institutions.

The 3-week journey raises the horizon of the students and urges them to embrace new ideas and concepts. It will no doubt be an unforgettable and rewarding experience for their summer in 2017.

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