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2017 Human Resources Service Industry Development Training Completes Successfully 中国人力资源服务业发展培训顺利完成

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security delegation visited Seattle and the Washington D.C. Metro Area learned about the best practices, legal issues, challenges and innovative solutions for human resources industry as well as talent training, international partnerships and head-hunting trends in trans-border organizations.

During the 14-days training, they visited governments at all levels including the Washington State Government, Seattle City Government and had in-depth discussion on labor laws, employment training services and on job creation. They also visited universities, top HR organizations and associations, and enterprises to discuss job segmentation in the area.

The program deepens the delegation’s understanding of the differences in HR industry between the two countries. They learn about the best practices and innovations in the U.S., and are ready to apply what they have learned to their every-day work.

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