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USCEC Hosted SASAC Delegation in SF Bay Area 国资委中青班第七期美国培训团

SASAC’s annual training delegation consisting of most promising middle to top managers from various Chinese state-owned enterprises attended and successfully completed the two-week training sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area in October 2018 where they had in-depth training focused on topics in innovation ecosystem, innovation capacity, technology trends and management as well as business model innovation. USCEC has well-arranged lectures and company visits for their busy schedule including meetings at most innovative companies selected by Forbes recently such as Autodesk and Salesforce as well as meetings to talk about transformation and globalization for old brands in the Valley. Delegates were having very insightful sharing and fruitful meetings to empower them with tools and do a better job in the fast-changing environment.

国资委中青班第七期“创新驱动与产业国际竞争力”美国班于2018年10月在旧金山湾区圆满完成两周培训,就硅谷创新生态系统、创新竞争力、创新技术趋势与创新管理及商业模式进行了深度的学习。两周的日程安排在美中交流协会的安排下,紧张有序,包括斯坦福大学加州伯克利大学的授课与创新企业深度参访,其中福布斯评选出的近年最创新公司欧特克Autodesk、Salesforce;并了解老牌硅谷企业的创新转型与国际经营。受益良多,卓有成效. 助力学员在快速变化的环境中更有效地转型管理。

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