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Leaders of the Hunan Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Meets with USCEC Vice Chairwoman 湖南省侨办领导会见美国美中交




On April 8th, 2019, Mr. Xuexin Ding-Deputy Director of United Front Work Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Director of Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office met with Ms. Willa Wu-USCEC Vice Chairwoman and Director of Board of US-China Expert Service and had a very warm and friendly meeting. Ms. Willa Wu introduced the history of the USCEC and various activities it has hosted in the past decades. Mr. Xuexin Ding said that the activities USCEC has carried out are very meaningful and he hopes to further communicate and discuss cooperation in the future. The person who is in charge of Overseas Chinese Affairs work also attended the meeting.

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