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The United States-China Exchange Council (USCEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of California, established in 1993. Our organization is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and China through professional exchange programs. ​ Under the esteemed leadership of our 2nd Honorary Chairman, Byron Athen, a former Mayor of San Ramon City and Chief City Attorney, USCEC started arranging training and visit programs for delegations from China's public and private sectors. These programs facilitate meetings between delegates and their counterparts in government agencies, academic institutions, and companies in the United States. ​ Since 1999, USCEC has been certified as a Chinese Government Training Partner in the United States by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China. This certification is a testament to our organization's commitment to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries. Over the past 20 years, USCEC has played an instrumental role in promoting friendly exchanges between the United States and China. Our contributions have been recognized by invitations for USCEC's leaders to attend receptions where President Hu Jintao (San Francisco, 2004) and President Xi Jinping (Seattle, 2015) met with Chinese leaders in the United States. We are proud of our accomplishments and remain committed to our mission of strengthening the relationship between the United States and China.

美国美中交流协会于1993年在美国加利福尼亚州旧金山大都会成立,是以促进美中友好交流为宗旨的专业交流组织,由美国和中国有志于促进美中友好交流的社会各界人士自愿参加组成。经依法注册,协会成为美国加州非营利组织; ​ 1999年经中国国家外国专家局评估认定为中国政府在美国的首批培训渠道和外国文教专家基地。协会所属的美国美中专家服务机构2010年也被中国国家外专局认定为境外人才基地。 ​ 二十多年来,协会在三任会长(迈克·尼尔生律师、美国圣瑞蒙前市长拜伦·雅典律师、加州海沃州立大学前常务副校长赫伯·格罗博士)的领导下,遵循发展美中友好关系的基本方针,发挥桥梁纽带作用,促进美中两国工商界、科技界、文教界、金融界、法律界、新闻界、政府部门以及社会各界的国际交流活动,以沟通信息、促进了解、发展合作、增进友谊为目的。协会与美国主流社会紧密结合,会员主要由美国专家教授学者、美国各级政府官员、美国工商企业家等组成,荣誉会员包括中国各界友好人士。协会在美国东西海岸均设有业务联络机构,在中国北京、深圳和加拿大亦设有办事联络机构。 ​ 协会20多年来为促进中美友好交流砥砺前行辉煌奋进,因而协会领导先后获得胡锦涛主席(2004美国旧金山)和习近平主席(2015美国西雅图)的亲切接见合影。

About 关于我们

Dear Friends,  I have been associated with the U.S-China Exchange Council for more than 15 years.  During that time, I have been fortunate to take part in its growth from its founding in 1993 to its present status as a vibrant organization that hosts over 700 professionals and students in more than 30 programs each year.   ​ The programs vary from week-long visits to Bay Area campuses and industries to 4 to 6-month stays that incorporate trips to government and business sites throughout the country, including Washington, D.C.  ​ The participants may be specialists from Chinese governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Transportation or the Emergency Management Office of the State Council of China.  Others represent non-governmental companies or centers studying innovations in continuing education or globalization strategy and innovation in the ecosystem.  ​ Additionally, the Council has developed youth programs that make it possible for high school-age students to live in an American home and attend a high school in the Bay Area.  More than 120 youth participated in these programs in 2016.  In addition to the academic and professional education that is a part of each USCEC program, each USCEC program enables a visitor to broaden his/her perspective of the United States and its varied population.  I thoroughly believe in and take pride in my connection with the USCEC, its operational philosophy, and its programs.  And I wish it continued success for many years to come.  Herb Graw Honorary Chairman

Dr. Herb Graw
3rd Chairman
Former Associate Vice President of California State University at Hayward

贺伯. 格罗博士


Board of Directors   理事会成员













Dr. Herbert Graw

Ms. Willa S. Wu

Dr. Andy B Ge

Mr. Stephen Lau

Ms. Sheila Watt

Mr. James Serna III

Mr. Gordon Watt

Mr. Frank Fang

Mr. Kevin Watt

Ms. Lulu Ge

Ms. Julie Li

​Ms. Margaret Singson

Former Associate Vice President of California State University at Hayward

Chairwoman,  USCEC

Vice President, USCEC

Community Leader of San Francisco China Town

Former (retired) Controller, Automotive Sales Industry

Chief Advisor, International Education Exchange

Classified Senate Senator, Chabot College

Former Secretary of USCEC

Senior Manager, Dropbox

Former Director of Saks Fifth Avenue

Executive Administrator, USCEC


Management Team  管理团队


Willa Wu

Chairwoman 理事长

Franco Chen

Executive Administrator (D.C. Division)


Angela Shen

Program Training & Conference Interpreter


Ryan Zhang

Finance Specialist


Lili Du

Executive Administrator (Beijing Office)


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Dr. Andy Ge

Vice President 常务副会长

Julie Li

Executive Administrator 


Kate Chen                      

Program Training & Conference Interpreter


Jim Serna

Senior Education Advisor


Arnold Li

Deputy Director (Beijing Office)


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Sheila Watt

Vice President 副会长

Gordon Watt

Tech Director


CJ Huang

Operation Manager


Jim Eubanks

Senior Education Advisor


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