U.S.- China Exchange Council


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Job Opening

No. 1 Job Title: Public Relations/Marketing Specialist


Job Duties:


Establish and foster relationships with Chinese-speaking clients at universities, corporations, and government agencies.  Communicate the merits of USCEC’s programs through the preparation of Chinese and English organization materials, such as newsletters, brochures, and sample cases.  Organize issue specific Mandarin language lectures, seminars, programs, and exhibits to promote services.  Evaluate advertising/promotional programs for compatibility with USCEC’s identity and mission.  Monitor and research training market trends and client needs, interfacing with USCEC board members and consultants to develop public relations strategies. Analyze and understand Chinese government and business needs in the creation of promotional materials.  Draft and prepare fact sheets, news releases, and other publicity materials in Chinese and English to promote USCEC’s training programs at U.S. universities. Improve Chinese language content on USCEC websites.  Instruct USCEC employees to effectively communicate with the general public, drafting speeches in Chinese or English or arranging interviews for USCEC’s chairperson and board members, if needed. 



Bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, business, or related and 2 years of related experience; fluency in Chinese  


Please email your resume to mail@sf-uscec.org

No. 2  Job Title: Business Training and Development Specialist


Job Descriptions:

Design and plan professional business and economics training and development programs through surveys, customer interviews, or focus groups; organize and coordinate business training and development programs (such as enterprise executive, entrepreneur, and management training, business enterprises/operations, and corporate innovation), working with subject matter experts, management, and instructors; monitor and report program progress, including costs and preparing budget reports on expenditures, and assess program and training activities and effectiveness; develop partnerships for specific training and development activities and negotiate client contracts, including fees and expenses; review and select appropriate business training and instructional materials for optimal learning experience in design specific professional seminars or programs; provide program brand development and strategy, including strategic consulting  to customers, including business plan and development.


MBA or master degree in business, training/development, or related