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USCEC Promotes California State Delegation to Visit Yunnan, China

Under the vigorous promotion of the USCEC, the California Senate delegation led by California Senator and Senate Majority Leader, they paid a friendly visit to Yunnan Province, China from November 12 to 21, 2004. As one of the main members of the group, Mr. Stephen Lau, the vice president of the USCEC, conducted a lot of organization and coordination work for this visit, and Mr. Lau personally participated in this visit to arrange various activities for the delegation. This visit not only let the delegates personally experience the traditional Chinese culture and customs, but also further strengthened the friendship between California and Yunnan, and expanded the prospects for cooperation between the two sides. After the delegation return to the U.S., the group sent a letter to Mr. Lau, the vice president of USCEC, thanking him for his important contribution to the success of the visit.

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