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USCEC Vice President Lectures Agricultural Bank of China via Cloud Classroom

In May 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Prof. Bin Ge, Vice President of USCEC, gave a lecture titled "The World, the United States and China under the Unprecedented Changes of the Century" to thousands of employees of the Agricultural Bank of China via a cloud classroom format. This innovative approach allowed for a safe and accessible means of communication during a time of physical distancing. Despite not being able to see the audience, Prof. Ge delivered an in-depth and systematic presentation, showcasing his usual high level of expertise. The audience benefited greatly from his lecture, gaining the latest ideas and knowledge in the field, which added more reserves for their future work. Many attendees expressed their appreciation for Prof. Ge's lecture during the dialogue section, and planned to re-watch the lecture to fully understand and absorb the ideas presented. Positive comments flooded the dialog box throughout the lecture, and even after the event ended, thousands of people watched the replay, and the number of likes exceeded 5,000.

2020年5月 美中交流协会副会长葛滨教授应邀为中国农业银行以云课堂的方式对其成千上万员工进行了主题为“百年未有之大变局下的世界、美国和中国”的讲座。


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