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Prestigious Programs 


In 2018, the USCEC collaborated with school districts to host a unique Internship Exchange Program for education-major students from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. The program spanned over 4 weeks and was carefully designed and coordinated by USCEC. Its objective was to provide the interns with a comprehensive understanding of the K-12 education system, instruction methods, and teacher-student dynamics prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apart from acquiring valuable knowledge and perspectives, the interns also forged strong bonds of friendship with young people from the United States, fostering lasting relationships between the two countries. The Internship Exchange Program proved to be a mutually beneficial opportunity for all involved, facilitating cross-cultural learning and promoting global understanding.

从2018 年开始, 美国美中交流协会和中国首都示范大学联合组织了教育系研究生赴美实习项目。通过四周的学习和实习, 首师大教育系研究生们深入地了解了美国的K-12系统,教育理念、方法和师生互动。并且,和旧金山湾区的名校学生老师们缔结了珍贵的友谊。

Expert Services 国际专家服务

The U.S.-China Expert Service (USCES) is a professional organization of the US-China Exchange Council (USCEC), which is specially set up according to the needs of the exchange and service of American and Chinese experts. For more than ten years, the USCES Expert Service has been committed to the two-way exchange service of various experts between the United States and China and has been highly recognized by the United States and China.

美国美中国际专家服务组织(英文名称U.S.-China Expert Service) ,简称USCES,是美国美中交流协会(USCEC)的一个专业机构,它根据美中专家交流与服务的需要而专设的。十多年来,美国美中国际专家服务组织(USCEC Expert Service) 一直致力于美中两国之间的各类专家的双向交流服务工作,获得了美中两国双方的高度认可。

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