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Prestigious Program 高端项目

USCEC has been working effortlessly to keep pace with ongoing demands and needs for advancing knowledge and management skills for Chinese government officials, entrepreneurs, and executives. We have been maximizing and best allocating our resources to provide top-quality training programs partnering with world-renowned universities including Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, USC, UW, Columbia, MIT, NYU, and Georgetown. Our long-term partners from those institutions have been offering their best brains and specialties and we have together held multiple high-end programs for governments of all levels and international enterprises from China over the past decades. Famous long-term programs include the three-year young executive training for central government agencies and departments at Stanford, each program runs for three months, and the eight-year SASAC program at Stanford as well as programs at both Stanford and UCB for the SINOMACH group. Other enterprise clients include CRRC, CMG, CTS, CBA, Everbright, and ChinaLife at multiple locations covering Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.


Meanwhile, USCEC partners with large and innovative Fortune 500 including Cisco, HPE, Google, Facebook, IBM, GE, Boeing, and Amazon offering their experience in management, technology, finance, and internationalization. Practitioners and executives from those enterprises have been giving lectures and seminars to counterparts in China. Other companies USCEC has worked with include top financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Draper Univ., Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America as well as famous Sandhill venture capitals.


All our training programs are meticulously organized in a systematic manner combining perfectly faculty lectures, practitioner seminars, and company onsite visits so as to provide an all-rounded experience for immersive learning and training and it has been widely recognized and admired by all Chinese clients in the past three decades.



同时协会根据培训需要,安排美国思科、惠普、谷歌、脸书、IBM 、GE、波音和亚马孙等世界五百强企业的高级管理人员、科学家和高级技术专家,美国著名的沙丘、德雷普、摩根大通、美林证券、富国银行、美国银行等金融银行和著名风投公司的创始人、高管、管理专家为培训团进行专题讲座、专项交流与合作。



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