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Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security Visited U.S. for "Continue Education"中国人


In October, the delegation from Senior Officers Training Center, Ministry of Social Security and Human Resources visited Chicago and Boston to learn about the latest development in training for government officials and executives in the U.S. Arranged by U.S.-China Exchange Council, the delegation visited prestigious universities, government agencies and industry associations in Chicago and Boston areas.

2016年10月18日周二,麻省法律协会接待了由美中交流协会组织来自中国人力资源管理与社会保障部的代表团参访,交流了对于法律继续教育的想法。该会面在麻省法律继续教育协会位于波士顿的总部大楼举行。代表团来自中国人力资源管理与社会保障部的高级公务员培训中心, 主要负责政府公务员的继续教育培训。

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