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SASAC of the State Council Training “国务院国有资产监督管理委员会中青班圆满结束

In September, invited by U.S.-China Exchange Council and organized by China Business Executive Academy Dalian, top young managers from subsidiaries of major state-owned enterprises visited the U.S. and had two-week training at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and visited top Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook and Nvidia. They learnt a lot from those top professors and teams from high growth companies about building innovation strategies and ecosystem in the age of reform and restructuring of Chinese SOEs.


理委员会组织、大连高级经理学院承办的 2016年“国务院国有资产监督管理委员会中青班”5期美国组的培训安排与全程接待。就“国有企业全球化战略与创新生态系统”主题,20多位来自大型国企的高管们在素有硅谷摇篮之称的全球名校斯坦福大学和全美最佳公立大学的加州伯克利大学聆听了众多著名教授的专业讲座;并参访了一些硅谷著名高科技公司,与公司高管们就如何创建可持续的创新生态系统与部署全球化的战略与路径进行了座谈交流。在紧凑丰富的两周培训学习中,各大央企中青年领导学习热情高涨,与教授及高科技公司高管探讨热烈,学习研究系统有序,收获颇丰,借鉴意义深远。

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