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China National Development and Reform Commission Energy Saving and Emission Reduction System and Mec

Training Topics:

Energy and environmental economy: benchmark pricing, policies and regulations

  • Comprehensive resource planning, distribution and transmission, renewable energy of American energy

  • The sustainable development of California's economy and the establishment of a conservation-minded society

  • US legal system to control pollutant emissions and strengthen environmental governance

  • The typical experience of the United States to improve the market operation mechanism of pollution control

  • Effective ways for American cities to strengthen environmental management and improve environmental assessment system

  • American City Green Energy Project

  • Development and utilization of clean energy in Colorado, USA

  • Economic development, resource conservation and environmental protection in ecologically fragile areas in the central United States

  • Tennessee Valley Engineering Experience-Water Conservancy, Power Generation, Environmental Protection

  • US government policies and measures to promote research and application of new and renewable energy

  • Exploration and practice of the United States dealing with low-carbon economy



  • 美国能源的综合资源规划、分配和输送、再生能源

  • 美国加州经济持续发展与节约型社会的建立

  • 美国控制污染物排放、加强环境治理的法律制度

  • 美国完善污染治理市场化运营机制的典型经验

  • 美国市镇强化环境管理和健全环境测评机制的有效途径

  • 美国城市绿色能源项目

  • 美国科罗拉多州清洁能源的发展与利用

  • 美国中部生态脆弱地区经济发展、资源节约与环境保护

  • 美国田纳西河谷工程经验—水利、发电、环保

  • 美国政府促进新能源和再生能源研究与应用的政策与措施

  • 美国应对低碳经济的探索与实践

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